About Us

Second Robotics is a group that runs regular events on the xRC platform for Second Robotics Competition (SRC), Second Tech Challenge (STC), Second VEX Competition (SVC), and Minecraft Robotics Competition (MRC). Events range from full scale FRC style events, to single player showdowns, to fun community challenge events! Second Robotics is the official competitive organization of xRC.

Second Robotics Competition (SRC) is the flagship league of Second. In the past, SRC has held district seasons, single-player tournaments, ladder seasons, and large-scale championship events. Watch the trailer embedded below.

You can join our Discord and participate in our regularly scheduled events, you can compete in ranked matches whenever you are available to join the queue, or you can submit your single-player runs to our highscore leaderboard. There are so many ways to play and compete in Second Robotics!

Check out our Discord for our latest info on events we are hosting, or competitions to participate in.

xRC Simulator is a free-to-play physics-based robotics simulator for FIRST Robotics games. Developed by FTC 11115 Gluten Free, xRC Simulator is a great tool for strategizing, training, and competing with simulated robotics. Download the xRC simulator now to play FRC, FTC, and VRC games.